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Get Custom Welding Services & Repairs in Fort McMurray, AB

From general welding repair jobs like aluminum repairs, trailer and equipment repairs, waste bin repairs, corking, to machining services for heavy equipment, we are committed to total customer satisfaction! Our certified welders are skilled in structural welding, equipment repairs, drizzled tungsten overlays, to more demanding oilfield and gas pipeline welding services, underground services, and trenching work. Red River Welding offers welding services for mining, industrial, municipal, and commercial purposes in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas using a combination of stick welding (SMAW) and MIG or Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) techniques. 

At our metalworking facility, we repair and weld everything from tractors to tanks, using various welding techniques, for a superior finished product. Our fabricators work with various types of metals and alloys to meet the highest possible standards. We also provide welding services for construction work, vac trucks, concrete and asphalt paving, pickup and hauling along with a range of repairing solutions.

Aluminum Repairs

We do aluminum repairs which include welding cracked metal parts, holes, threads and use aluminum tig or spool gun process to fabricate aluminum products or repair broken parts. The different alloys we can use work very well to repair metal products using conveniently available welding machines and we return your product stronger and more durable than before.

Some of the rods used are:

  • Blueshield LA 7018 SMAW Low Hydrogen Steel Electrode

  • Lincoln 5P+

  • Specialty Metals Ni Rod 55X

  • Esab 7018 H4

  • Avesta 309L 17

  • 5356

Welded a 100-ton crane using the LA 7018 H4. All welds were inspected by magnetic particle inspection.

Stick Welding (SMAW)

The technical name for stick welding is Shield Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), wherein a rod, or stick is coated with special compounds that protect the molten meld from contaminants. This form of welding is really suited to welding outdoors, on construction machinery, structural and pipelines. The rods themselves create a shielding gas to cover the molten weld pool and protect it.

We use stick welding to repair crane undercarriages, logging equipment, excavators, buckets, dozers, pipelines, swale buckets, install ice lugs or “corks”, repairing rippers, and even in the construction of buildings. Because of the type of welding rod we use, we can weld in freezing temperatures, on all types of metals, in all kinds of conditions, from flooding to blizzards, and on iced roads up here in the north, providing portable welding services.

We use stick welding for repairing different materials, corking, and even in the construction of buildings. The SMAW welding process can join all kinds of metals, including high and low carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and many alloys.

MIG Welding / Flux Core 

MIG welding or Flux Core (FCAW) are similar processes using a gas-shielded or non-gas shielded wire. MIG welding is an arc welding process in which a continuous solid wire electrode is fed through a welding gun and into the weld pool, joining the two base materials together. Shielding gas is also sent through the welding gun and protects the weld pool from contamination. In fact, MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas but a common name is wire welding.  

Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) is essentially the same process and through both these types of welding techniques, we can join all types of metals, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron. These wires or electrodes can also be used for hard surfacing, hard facing and build up. Hardfacing is when we use a much tougher metal to lay on top of a weaker metal to provide impact and abrasion resistance, such as for buckets and snow removal equipment.  

Some of the electrode and wires used for MIG welding are:

  • BLUESHIELD LA S-6 GMAW Mild Steel Wire

  • BLUESHIELD LA T-91 C90 Ni1 FCAWLow Alloy Steel Flux-Cored Wire

  • BLUESHIELD LA T-91 LF FCAW Mild Steel Flux-Cored Wire

  • AlcoTec AIMIGweld ER5356 Aluminum MIG Welding Wire

  • Arc Tec 661 T

  • Arc Tec 43

  • 660 Eco Face

Flux core and solid wire come in many different sizes, from 0.023” for exhaust systems and bodywork to 0.045” and 1/16” sizes which are common for equipment repairs, to 3/32” for working on large shovel buckets. There are many possible metal combinations, as well as wire types, and matching them the right wire to the right metal is the science we excel at.     

Simple MIG gun and wire

Our high-quality MIG welding services are employed in a variety of architectural applications. From stainless steel to aluminum, we can work with your various structural and design requirements.

Welding Solutions for Mining

We provide high-quality welding products for iron mining as well as mining equipment repairs.

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